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AROUND Rock and sea

Kenya, where the blue of the sky contrasts with the deep red earth in its parks, then merges with the turquoise of the clear waters in the Indian Ocean. This is the homeland of  “ Mal d’Afrique ”.


Located in a Strategic position, the Rock and Sea Bubble Ecolodge is an ideal starting point for various activities; in the morning you can devote yourself to relaxing walks on Pristine White Beaches or among the Beautiful Mangroves within the Mida Creek Marine Reserve.


You can decide for a boat trip to visit the Watamu Marine Park and swim with colorful fish or with a bit of luck in the company of friendly dolphins. In the afternoon you have the opportunity to admire the fantastic African Sunset from one of The Best Locations in Watamu.


 If you have never visited Kenya, you cannot fully understand the meaning of the word “ Safari ”.

Kenya is synonymous with safari…but this also means “ Sea Safaris ”.

Lapped by the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, not many people know that Kenya boasts the Fourth Largest Coral Reef in the World.


All this and much more is what this wonderful Country has to offer.

At The Rock and Sea we think that “ Mal d’Afrique ”, when genuine, is an incurable wellbeing. 


Pepo Huru Team offers you the opportunity to discover the wonders of Watamu crystalline waters in an Exclusive Way.

On board of Our Dhow is in program dolphin watching, snorkeling at the Watamu Marine Park and sailing.

Before the lunch break we can not miss a visit to a beautiful almost virgin beach not reachable in other ways .


Our adventure will start from Mida Creek around 9.00 am

After the lunch the Mangroves tour and Birdwatching.

To close in beauty the amazing aperitif at the sunset between sparkling wine and delicious snacks.

After the sun goes down  will be the time to greet you.


Sunset on the Mida Creek & Lunch of fresh seafood and Lobster at our Charming Panoramic Restaurant.

With the hope that all guests will spend an enjoyable day

Pepo Huro Team will wait for you on our typical dhow.


                    “ PEPO HURU ” – “ FREE SPIRIT “ 


The Rock and Sea it's a perfect base for all these Watersport.

With different tide, wind and condition of the ocean,  you can decide for a different activity for have always fun

You will remain surprise discover how it's beautiful the Watamu Mida Creek with all the channels between the Mangroves Forest and wonderful colors.

Enjoy your most favorite sport immersed in this



We directly organize Jeep Safaris to Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Amboseli, Taita Hills , Masai Mara,and many other destinations.

Letting our Guests customize the length and route of their safari.We choose only reliable superior category tent camps and lodges, places and facilities that ensure pure excitement, which will remain in your heart and memory forever.

Romantic candlelit dinners in the middle of the savanna, aperitifs at sunset on hills that offer

breath-taking 360° panoramas, night-time safaris……

We are all about everything that is different, our aim is to give you EMOTIONS .


YOGA and NATURE go hand in hand.

Experience Raja Yoga in a Unique place surrounded by the sea and amazing wildlife.

Courses and retreats will offer you a good practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. A purification of body and mind with the practice of different Asanas in a specific flow; some breathing techniques: Pranayamas and also Meditation.

Everyday ( for retreats ) the class will be based on the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga. All Guests will be self led into practice under the professional and supportive guidance of Lauren.

This will be an exciting opportunity to become more grounded and immersed in the practice within the beautiful Nature setting of Rock and Sea Watamu.

The workshops will be dedicated to all aspects of Ashtanga Yoga methodology including practical techniques and philosophical wisdom in regards to integrating yoga principles into daily life.

Being more deeply rooted within the true nature of the self through the context of Ashtanga Yoga. All our courses and retreats are appropriates for all levels.

Yoga means what joins :reset your mind in a Peaceful place where Nature welcomes you.

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